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Technical Specifications

All products are built and tested in accordance with the relevant CE marking certification EN14428.

Products in the Design Solutions range feature 10mm toughened safety glass manufactured in accordance with EN12150-1.

Products in the Spectra and Exclusive Solutions ranges feature toughened safety glass manufactured in accordance with EN12150-1.

Aluminium sections are extruded from BS EN755-2:2016 Aluminium, grade 6463-T5, to EN12020-2:2016 dimensional requirements, polished and bright anodised to ISO7599:2010

Care & Maintenance

Your product will provide you with many years of luxurious showering at home, when properly maintained. It is important to follow our recommended care programme.

  • Squeegee and remove any water on the glass, frame and fittings after each use
  • Do not allow lime scale to build up on the enclosure
  • Use the ClearShield After-Care cleaner once a week to polish the glass and framework
  • Do not leave neat cleaning products on the surfaces
  • Ensure any cleaning products are non-abrasive and between pH 4 & 8
  • Do not allow paint stripper, nail varnish remover, spirits, dry cleaning agents, w.c cleaners or bleach to come in direct contact with surfaces

Please note: components in alternative coloured finishes in the Design Solutions range should be maintained correctly due to the nature of the manufacturing process.

We sell a variety of products that can be used to clean and maintain your AQATA enclosure or screen. To purchase care and maintenance products, contact us.

Description Exc VAT (Plus P&P) Inc VAT (Plus P&P)
Deluxe Chrome Squeegee with Hook £45.00 £54.00
Description Exc VAT (Plus P&P) Inc VAT (Plus P&P)
Aftercare for ClearShield Shower Glass Cleaner 500ml £11.65 £13.98
Micro fibre E-Cloth (No P&P) £3.95 £4.74
Acrylic Shower Squeegee (No P&P) £5.00 £6.00

Shower Trays

Clean after every use with warm soapy water or mild detergent and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Easy access waste trap should be removed and cleaned weekly, ensuring any debris is cleared.

View our full range of Shower Trays.

Water Softeners

If you have a single cylinder water softener installed and are in a hard water area, there may be a reaction from the water on the glass. Softened water is generally higher in alkalinity and is therefore harmful. If you have a hot water storage tank installed, then conditions are even more aggressive than unsoftened water. It is recommended that after removing excess water with a squeegee, a microfibre E-cloth® should be used to remove any remaining water from the glass and frame.

Measuring & Installation

We strongly recommend the use of the Aqata Survey, Template & Installation service to ensure an accurate measure and perfect fit for ultimate peace of mind. This service must be used if opting for the hinge/bracket only fixing option on your Design Solutions product.

Surveying can only take place if the area is in a finished condition, with – where applicable – shower trays in place and tiling completed. Walls must either be solid or have suitable studwork to support the weight of the product.

Please note: If a survey is attended and cannot be competed due to incomplete conditions as listed above, the site survey charge will still be applied. Consider the site access available and dimensions when ordering large panels of glass. Please check dimensions on the relevant page when ordering products.

The position of other items that are to be installed after your shower enclosure should be considered, to ensure this does not impact operation (including WCs, basins, radiators etc.). Our Technical Support Team will be more than happy to discuss your project with you at any stage, to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Find out more about our Made 2 Measure service.


Water tightness is a key consideration when choosing your shower enclosure. AQATA products are approved for use with power showers, under normal showering conditions. Forcing water under pressure at seals and joints can cause water to escape. Please consider the position of your showerhead when designing your bathroom – ideally this should not be aimed directly at screens, panels and doors (positioning of showerheads on product images are for illustrative purposes only).

Dependent upon the power of the shower and the position of the showerhead, water spray may extend beyond the length of shower screens and bath screens. Install your enclosure in a well-ventilated area as steam and condensing vapour can result in mineral deposits/build up, as well as ensuring a suitable waterproof and sealed floor finish is used outside the showering area.

Bath Screens

The rim of baths must be flat and level to install an AQATA bath screen. They are not suitable for roll top baths or stepped baths.

Steady Bars

The type of steady bars supplied may vary depending on your enclosure dimensions and may differ from the images illustrated. Our Sales Office are able to clarify which type of steady bar will be supplied once an order has been placed.

Tower Rails

These should be used as an accessory only and should not be used as grab rails.


All dimensions stated are in millimetres (mm).

Linneal Showers

For technical information on our range of Linneal showers, please contact our Technical Support Team who will be happy to help.

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