We know that no two bathrooms are the same, which is why our renowned Made To Measure service is here to ensure that you are not bound by the constraints of your space.

The most challenging areas can be transformed to maximise the potential of your bathroom, with angled doors and screens making the most of sloping ceilings and notched panels being ideal for enclosures sitting onto a bath, stud wall or to accommodate a stylish seating area.

Take a look at our Made To Measure portfolio which showcases some of our impressive installations.

Made 2 Measure Price Guide

To assist with pricing your Made To Measure enclosure, please follow the below price guide.

For advice or further information, please contact our Sales Office where a member of our team will be pleased to confirm your Made To Measure price.

Please note: the surcharges below are a guide only and bespoke options are not available on curved glass.

Surcharges for Bespoke Hinged & Pivot Doors Upto 2200mm High
Doors Exc VAT Inc VAT
Bespoke Door £260.00 £312.00
Bespoke Door with Angle £340.00 £408.00
Increased Height Over 2200mm High Upto Max Height £175.00 £210.00

Spectra & Design Solutions Maximum Height: 2400mm (Excluding SP456 and SP460)
Exclusive Solutions Maximum Height: 2150mm

Surcharges for Bespoke Shower Screens, Inline Panels, Hinged Panels & Side Panels*
Width of Glass Exc VAT Inc VAT
Upto 500mm £215.00 £258.00
Upto 1000mm £260.00 £312.00
Upto 1400mm £380.00 £456.00
Upto 1800mm £495.00 £594.00
Over 1800mm POA POA
Increased Height Over 2200mm High Upto Max Height £175.00 £210.00

*Prices are per piece of glass and includes one rake if required

Surcharges For Bespoke Features*
Feature Exc VAT Inc VAT
Per Angle £80.00 £96.00
Per Notch £115.00 £138.00
Per Angle & Notch £180.00 £216.00

Prices are in addition to the surcharge per piece of glass

Survey, Template and Installation

AQATA have a team of experienced installation engineers available to carry out the initial site survey through to full installation, giving you complete piece of mind.

Map Key
Zone 1

OX 5, 7, 15-18, 20, 25-29

PE 4-11, 19, 26-29

GL 1-7, 10, 14, 17-20, 50-56

Zone 2

SY 1-9, 21, 22

Zone 3

BA 20-22

PO excluding IOW


Working from your provided measurements to produce a made to measure enclosure.

(*A hard wood template required for angles – contact us for advice on producing a template)


An AQATA engineer will measure and template a Made To Measure enclosure ready for installation.


An AQATA engineer will provide the complete service by measuring and templating. Once the enclosure has been manufactured, we will carry out the installation. Installation is only available if AQATA have completed the site survey.


Following a site survey or submission of a template, it may become apparent that the proposed design is not suitable for manufacture.

Wherever possible an alternative design will be proposed, however should no alternative be available the site survey charge will still be applied.

Our quotations are based on your specification and accurate measurements (after installation of the shower tray and tiling).

Survey, Template & Installation Price Guide Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Site Survey / Template £110.00 £132.00 £170.00 £204.00 £200.00 £240.00
Installation Exc VAT Inc VAT Exc VAT Inc VAT Exc VAT Inc VAT
1 Panel / Bath Screen £300.00 £360.00 £335.00 £402.00 £370.00 £444.00
2 Panels £360.00 £432.00 £395.00 £474.00 £370.00 £444.00
3 Panels £430.00 £516.00 £465.00 £558.00 £500.00 £600.00
4 Panels £500.00 £600.00 £535.00 £642.00 £570.00 £684.00
Please note: Prices above are net prices

Recent Case Studies

Divide and Conquer

A valued member of our network of retailers, Bathroom Elegance based in Poole, Dorset had a display installed in their showroom. This DS400 shower screen was designed as a divider panel to meet the ceiling using the Made 2 Measure service for an impressive result.

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All That Glitters Is Gold

One of our network of retailers, Cardiff Bathroom Centre, worked with a customer to design the bathroom of their dreams. They opted for our Exclusive Solutions ES300 enclosure in gold finish to perfectly complement other areas of the bathroom for a stunning end result.

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Catering For An Angled Ceiling

A customer came to us with an angled ceiling in their bathroom space, having previously spotted our Spectra SP300 sliding door enclosure. We were able to carry out the survey, template and installation of this product with no problem.

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