ClearShield ECO-GLASS ™ Glass Protection


Supplied as standard on all AQATA enclosures, doors and screens, this unique product is applied to the inside of the glass and works just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, acting as a protective barrier on the surface of the glass.



  • Resists staining from hard water deposits
  • Saves time and effort and is easier to clean
  • Keeps your shower looking like new or longer
  • Eco-friendly for a more hygienic environment
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria


The surface of award-winning ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ is chemically non-reactive. The protection bonds to glass and lime scale and other dirt will build up only half as fast. Cleaning and maintaining the glass on your AQATA product is now a very simple task.


Specialist After-Care for shower glass has been developed to gain the maximum performance from ClearShield ECO-GLASS™. This unique after care product should be used in a simple and regular manner on the glass, framework and shower tray.

The durability of ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ may be affected by the frequency of use of the shower, hardness of the water and the type of cleaning compounds and methods used, all of which are beyond the control of the manufacturer.

More information on how to care and maintain your product, including how to purchase after-care products can be found here.


You must register your product here to activate your warranty. The correct After-Care products must be purchased and used to maintain the ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ warranty. Please refer to your ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ warranty form once you have purchased your product for further information.


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